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Why wonder any longer! What are they..THINKING..FEELING.. WANTING ? Quick, accurate, to the point! Spiritual Empath with 20+ yrs. exp. helping people with love & life issues





Empath ~ Intuitive ~ Tarot ~ Spiritual

What are they thinking, feeling...wanting?

Is this Mr. Right or just Mr. Right NOW?

Should I continue to be patient or just move on?

My relationship ended, will they come back to me?

I'm getting mixed signals, what do they mean?

Are they sincere or just playing games?

If your current path is not bringing you
all that you desire, then let's find out
what is needed to accomplish this!

I have successfully helped people with
their relationships for over 20 years
and I would love to help you!

I offer truth and accuracy not 'fairytales'.

After speaking together, you will completely understand what you are dealing with
and know where your situation is headed.

I offer accurate answers with workable solutions.

Remember, you have the 'free will' to change
any situation in your life simply by
changing your own actions, attitudes & beliefs.

My goal is to help improve your chances
of having a happier tomorrow starting immediately.

I am here for you ... I will not waste your time!

If you have any technical problems when trying to contact me for a live session or during one, then wait a minute and try again.


love..relationships..life questions.. intuitive readings for answers, advice & guidance

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Experience & Qualifications

I have been giving readings, help and advice to people from all walks of life for the past 20+ years via live phone consultations, online chat and through pre-arranged appointments with my many repeat callers.


Available 24/7 Eastern Standard = late afternoon till early morning

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